Tricable and Bicable Gondolas

Multiple cable gondolas are ideally suited for steep and exposed terrain.

Transport Capacity:
up to 6,000 persons per hour
over 1.56 miles (2.5 km)
Line Speed:
up to 1,378 feet per minute (7 m/s)
Cabin Capacity (2S):
up to 16 persons
Cabin Capacity (3S):
up to 35 persons
  • Tricable-Bicable Gondolas
  • Tricable-Bicable Gondolas
  • Tricable-Bicable Gondolas

Multiple cable solutions guarantee increased wind resistance and are able to cross spans of over 2,500 meters. This makes for a perfect application over steep and exposed terrain.

Tricable gondola lifts have one hauling cable and two support cables. In both systems, grips are detachable, meaning that the systems have a very high transport capacity. Vehicles can be slowed in the stations and with the new Stop-and-Go technology they can even be stopped completely. This ensures additional comfort when entering and exiting the cabin.